Saturday, November 08, 2008

Digging a deeper hole

Just like my credit card, the amount keeps rising. Looks like, with my lack of writing, I am up to, or need to do just about two-thousand words a day from here on out.

Luckily for me, I've told too many people that I am doing this, so it has to get done. Only wish I could find a decent place to write––no good at the house. My favorite cafe, here on Clement street, full of a rough, smoking, group of Asian men out front, but always empty in the back, closed the back, off. Bummer.

One place has internet, but it's too noisy. the other, no internet and no wall plugs for the laptop. the other––just too many poeple coming and going and too much sun shine, creating glare.

I need a closet with a bare light bulb.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

when the writing gets tough, the tough get cleaning

Could have nailed another thousand words today, and it better happen, but all I really did today was clean and sort––vacuumed the house and purged myself of much paper. I'm really going to have to make this up.

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Daylight savings time, but no time, or too much.

almost two-thousand words into nanowrimi––more words than I've written in a long time. I just wish I was working on something absolutely original––as in fresh––as in, I am basically trying to turn one of my film scripts into a novel.

THe down-side to this is that I keep referring to the script and worse, I keep writing in a screen format, leaving out most of the description, or being very vague. And not that I want to use them as filler, but I tend to not say, he said, she said . . . whatever they are called––identifiers?? this would certainly boost my word count. Hell, even the sparse, mr. carver, said, "he said, she said."

And I need a better place to write. house is too easy, with my messy desk and internet access. thinking of going out the to the shed. Wish I could find a coffee shop with no internet access and no noise. I went to my favorite old Chinese joint––the smoker––but they closed off the back room. bummer. write on.

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