Friday, July 08, 2011

. . . And who was Kate?

I've not been here for some time, but suddenly inspired by the tresses of a Montana (no, colorado) lass . . . or is it just the thrill of competition.

Well, it's words and I've put down a few since my last visit.

I can't believe that I didn't record on the pages of sparklefart that I finally finished and "won" at NANOWRIMO. Did it just this past november and now . . . don't have to write another word, although the urge has suddenly found its way into me.

My book title for Nanowrimo was/is, "Pieces of String to short to throw Away" and after failiing the first time around with trying to "prose out" my script, "Johnny Lucky" . . . the dad idea went very well.

I just picked fifty moments and or memories and squeezed a thousand words out of each of them. Actiually, some I only maybe got six hundred and others I got two thousand, but I did eventually get to fifty-thousand at like, four in the morning with about 24 hours left.

Anyway, onward . . .



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