Sunday, November 02, 2008

Daylight savings time, but no time, or too much.

almost two-thousand words into nanowrimi––more words than I've written in a long time. I just wish I was working on something absolutely original––as in fresh––as in, I am basically trying to turn one of my film scripts into a novel.

THe down-side to this is that I keep referring to the script and worse, I keep writing in a screen format, leaving out most of the description, or being very vague. And not that I want to use them as filler, but I tend to not say, he said, she said . . . whatever they are called––identifiers?? this would certainly boost my word count. Hell, even the sparse, mr. carver, said, "he said, she said."

And I need a better place to write. house is too easy, with my messy desk and internet access. thinking of going out the to the shed. Wish I could find a coffee shop with no internet access and no noise. I went to my favorite old Chinese joint––the smoker––but they closed off the back room. bummer. write on.

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